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Taylor Momsen Exposes Her Vajayjay & Buttcrack For ‘Going To Hell’ Photo Shoot

ohmyGAHH!! Rock n Roll’s newest bad girl Taylor Momsen leaves nothing to the imagination for her Going to Hell photo shoot — posing completely naked for her band’s latest album. Check out Tay Tay’s lady parts…AFTER THE JUMP. (Warning: Not suited for work.)

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Taylor Momsen Gets Develish In The Pretty Reckless Video ‘Going To Hell’ – WATCH

ohmyGAHHH!! The Pretty Reckless are proud sinners in their new music video Going To Hell. The 4-minute video comes with a parental advisory warning, and begins with frontwoman Taylor Momsen whispering the words “Don’t forgive me father, for I have sinned” in a priest’s ear. Sooooo controversial. Check out the video below: PRESS PLAAAY!!

Taylor Momsen Poses Topless For Pretty Reckless Tour Poster

ohmyGAHH!! Former Gossip Girl actress, Taylor Momsen, is living up to her rock & roll persona in this risqué tour poster for her band The Pretty Reckless. “Here’s the new poster art available on tour,” she tweeted. Your move, Miley!

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Before & After: Taylor Momsen’s Drastic Transformation Into Raccoon Eyes!

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