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Celebs Share Their Thoughts On Justin Bieber’s Egg Scandal!

ohmyGAHH!! By now you’ve heard about Justin Bieber and his egg-throwing incident. The Biebs has landed himself in hot water for allegedly throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house, causing $20,000 in damage. Later, the cops raided his house, which lead to the arrest of his friend Lil Za for drug possession. Blah. Blah. Blah. Won’t bore …

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The Boys Of One Direction Get Buff In Shirtless Workout Video — WATCH!

ohmyGAHH!! Nipples alert. One Direction takes us behind the scenes of their sweaty workout regimen. PRESS PLAAAAY!! See closeup…AFTER THE JUMP.

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One Direction Recreate Childhood Memories In ‘Story Of My Life’ Video – WATCH!

ohmyGAHH!! One Direction‘s latest music video is a tear jerker! Their new video, Story of My Life, depicts Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall in a dark room as they develop photos from their childhood. After the pix are developed, the guys recreate certain photos from the past with their loved ones, but as adults….with …

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One Direction Premieres New Song ‘Story Of My Life’ – LISTEN NOW!

ohmyGAHH!! It’s an awesome day to be a Directioner. One Direction has released their latest jam, Story of My Life, the second single off their upcoming album Midnight Memories, out Nov. 25. Check it out below. PRESS PLAAAY!!

Totally Not Gay: One Direction’s Harry Styles Kisses Another Dude On The Lips! – Must Watch!

ohmyGAHH!! Sorry girls, this one likes to kiss boys. Occasionally. While appearing on the game show A League of Their Own in the UK, Harry Styles planted a wet one on host James Corden. Corden and the One Direction singer and shared the intimate moment during the show’s “kiss cam.” Check out the clip below: …

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Taylor Swift Mouths ‘Shut The F**k Up’ At Harry Styles At The VMAs

ohmyGAHH!! Hell hath no fury like Taylor Swift scorned. Apparently, girlfriend is still feeling bitter over her breakup with ex-BF Harry Styles from pop group One Direction. While hanging with her bestie Selena Gomez at the VMAs, cameras caught the country singer bad mouthing her ex as the not so subtle words “shut the f*ck …

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One Direction Lands FIVE Different GQ Covers

ohmyGAHH!! Apparently, one magazine cover wasn’t big enough for the boys of One Direction. The pop singers were given their own separate covers for the September issue of British GQ. As far as the interview goes, Harry was quite the standout. Here’s what he shared with the magazine: On his rumored fling with DJ Nick Grimshaw …

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Benedict Cumberbatch Voted ‘Sexiest Man’ In England

ohmyGAHH!! Star Trek Into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been voted the Sexiest Man in all of England! The voting was conducted by readers of The Sun (Britain’s tabloid newspaper) and Benedict nabbed the number one spot, beating out David Beckham and Tom Hardy! WTF?! IM-POS-SIBLE! When asked about his sex symbol status, the 36-year-old Brit said: …

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Body Language

ohmyGAHH!! Gotta love the boys of One Direction and their undressing shenanigans. Boys will be boys.

Fan Throws Shoe At One Direction And Connects With Harry Styles’ BALLZ!

ohmyGAHH!! Man down! Harry Styles gets knocked in the family jewels by a shoe throwing fan while on stage with his boys from One Direction! Bloody hell! Somewhere, Taylor Swift is giggling her ass off! But can you blame her? This sh-t is frickin’ hilarious! PRESS PLAAAY!!

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