Man Candy Mondays: Liam Payne


ohmyGAHH!! What large biceps you have!

Dare I say it…but trimming his locks and sprouting a beard was the best thing that ever happened to One Direction‘s band member Liam Payne.

Am I right, ladies?

Also, bulking up didn’t hurt either. Unwrap this man candy…AFTER THE JUMP.one-direction-this-is-us-premiere-liam-payne-2013liam-payne-hair-beard-hot-2013 liam-payne-mohawk-hairstyle-2013 liam-payne-sexy-beard-2013liam-payne-workout-shirtless-2013 liam-payne-shirtless-underwear-bulge-naked-2013liam-payne-biceps-tank-gif-2013


Well played, Liam. Well played.liam-payne-sexy-transformation-2013


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