Justin Timberlake Says He’s Not Worried About Success


ohmyGAHH!! You certainly get a lot of bragging rights when you sell 900, 000 copies of your last album in one week.

Justin Timberlake ditches his suit and tie for a simpler look on the cover of T, The New York Times style magazine.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On not worrying about success

“You get to this point, which I’ve done in the last five or six years, where you become less worried about success and failure. I’m sure there’s some self-help cheese-ball book about the gray area but I’ve been having this conversation with my friends who are all about the same age and I’m saying, ‘Y’know, life doesn’t happen in black and white.’ The gray area is where you become an adult . . . the medium temperature, the gray area, the place between black and white. That’s the place where life happens.”

On why he returned to music

“If you can answer the question of why you’re doing it, it’s the right thing to do. To answer the question ‘Why?’ for the first time in my career is: because I wanted to.”

Check out JT’s photo shoot with the mag…AFTER THE JUMP.

justin-timberlake-t-nyt-style-mag-2013 justin-timberlake-t-magazine-2013

You can read the full interview on T mag‘s website.


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